Eghosa Omoruyi.
Eghosa Omoruyi, known as tobydphotographer, navigates the intersection of photography and painting with the intention of rejuvenating the spirit of the Renaissance in contemporary art. Through his lens, he seeks to dissolve the boundaries between these mediums, crafting images that transcend traditional categorizations. Inspired by the masters of the past yet driven by the dynamism of the present, Eghosa’s work invites viewers to explore new dimensions of visual storytelling and interpretation.

“Dive into a world where paintings and photography hold hands, where photo like paintings and paintings like photos intertwine, creating mesmerizing scenes that blur the line between reality and imagination, where light bounces upon subjects as if painted on a canvas , and each frame tells a story as vivid as a stroke of paint.”

My Art

Going back to the days of the Benin culture, Ivie which is translated to Jewel (Precious Coral Bead), is a traditional bead worn by the Oba of Benin. He wears it as a pendant around his neck or around his head or wrists.

In the ancient Benin Kingdom around the 16th century, The Benin ivory mask were created.

The mask is a miniature sculptural portrait in ivory of Idia, the first lyoba (Queen Mother) of the 16th century Benin Empire. The masks were created to signify/symbolize role/ strength of the mother of the Oba of Benin.

The OBA made the masks to signify the importance of who his mother was to him. She was a powerful woman who provided critical assistance to her son.

This piece is majorly focused on the Mask itself! It signifies the woman, the Kings mother whose duty is to raise the Oba of Benin and make sure and prepare him to rule the kingdom.

It is to honor the woman that raised us and stood by us and having a big role in our endless life’s mission.

a self portrait


A selfportrait

The orb is believed to be a magical device man used to communicate with superior beings or gain knowledge on science / technology.


“The ORB”

Behold the orb,
A conduit of knowledge from beyond the light.
From ancient beings, it was passed,
Their secrets and wisdom, now ours at last.

The orb shines,
A gift from the cosmos,
so bright Its power immense,
beyond our imagination,
The secrets it holds, a boon to men.

A language of science,
It tells of starry skies and distant lands,
Of knowledge and power, beyond our hands.

The orb is a bridge to other worlds, yet unfurled.
It speaks of magic and of lore,
Of ancient beings, long gone before.

And so we stand,
Gazing at the orb, our minds torn asunder.
For in its depths, we see the universe,
And in its light, we find our purpose.

“The Rooster’s Call” A selfportrait

A man stands tall, a rooster in hand, His spirit animal, strong and grand. With confidence and courage in his eyes, He’s ready for life’s endless skies.

Feathers bright, in hues of gold, A tale of awakening, often told, The man holds tight, with gentle ease, A spirit animal, a soul at peace.

The rooster crows, its voice so clear, A symbol of awakening, without fear. Together they stand, a beautiful pair, A testament to strength beyond compare. Words and ART BY TOBYDPHOTOGRAPHER

In this art piece, we see the bond, Between man and animal, so profound. The rooster’s call, a reminder to all.

Toby D Photographer, 2024.
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